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Our Guinea Pigs

Liangke and I bought our first Guinea pig back in April 2018. We decided to name him Fei-Fei (肥肥), which means fat-fat in Chinese. Fei-Fei is a long-haired Guinea pig.

Fei-fei’s favorate activity is eating; and as a result, we leveraged his enthusiasms in eating to train him do a bunch of different tricks. He looks really fluffy and cute, and has a really good temper.

At the moment Fei-fei can do: spin, stand up, jump through a loop, pick up balls, put balls in a basket, push a tennis ball, and walk in a tunel.

Update on March 2020: Sadly Fei-Fei left us on May 16, 2019, because of a bladder stone. T_T

Since then we have bought Hui-Hui and adopted Hua-Hua, another two long-hair Guinea pigs. They are good friends and travelled with us from Los Angeles to New York.

Video Games

Programming and video games played an important role in my childhood. Even today I still play games from time to time, and enjoy doing so. Starting from elementary school I got fanscinated by the Romance of the Three Kingdoms (ROTK) series from KOEI. KOEI releases a new ROTK installment every 2 or 3 years. Since then, I have played each and every one in the series from ROTK 6(somewhere around 2002?) all the way to 13PK(released 2017). That’s probably more than 15 years!

For a while in middle school I played Counter-Striker and got pretty good at it.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s true that anyone enjoys coding should also enjoy gaming?! That seems to be case at least for people around me.

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